Saturday, October 23, 2010

Applause, Applause & More Applause

We want to say Thank You to all who came out to see the journey!! When we first started the journey, we gushed about our cast and how amazing, incredible, outstanding, etc. they were and we stand firm in our declaration that they are the absolute greatest! We have had a strong base of committed actors who were so dedicated to the journey that they stepped in and stepped up to fill in wherever we needed them.

Here it was, Friday October 22, 2010. The Cast and The Team began arriving by 5:30PM. This was a very special night for us, it is the night that we close our three night run. With mixed feelings of excitement and knowing that this was our last show, we went into full blown action focusing on preparing for the journey on stage.

Each night, we anxiously anticipate that there will be an audience to come and see the journeys on stage. We only hoped that if no one else showed up, at least our family and friends would fill in some seats. The first night we feared that the audience would be a bit sparse because of the horrible weather we were having that day. It was only two days before the show that the weather was unseasonably warm, sunny and bright. However, on our night to begin our journey on the stage, there it was - a nor-easter.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, The Cast were preparing and warming up. Some stretched, sang songs, laid on the floor, danced, somersaults, vocalices you name it, it was happening.

Just before the journey begins The Cast and The Team has a brief meeting

The dressing room with the Make up Artist
(Zelda Pushkin and Ashlee K)

Well, it was about 7:20PM and there they were people waiting in the lobby for us!! The show began at 8:10PM as we waited for everyone to be seated. We were treated to an audience that were not only strangers to us but they were filling up the seats and had great enthusiasm applauding at the end of each scene - some even responded verbally, cheering and sharing their brief connections to the character. One person responded "Me too!" when they heard the cast member declare that she was a breast cancer survivor.

(Amanda Casarella)

The second night was also exciting, the audience were in and seated so promptly that you would think they all came in on a scheduled bus/train tour. The opening scene began at 8:05PM. In fact, it was so quiet that I was curious to know if we were able to fill out a row. During intermission, I walked out to check and there they were people and there were lots of them. I mingled and asked if they were enjoying the show and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. By the end of the night, they were applauding and sharing their own personal journey with cancer whether they were a survivor or have had someone who was diagnosed with cancer.

(Dawn, Albert, Tara Notvest and Ashley)

Final show, October 22, 2010 - 8:05PM and we begin with a few people in the audience. Yikes!!!! However, after checking out in the lobby, there they were -- people! They were waiting to enter the theater as they could not enter during the scene. It was such a good feeling :-) Okay, they were late but there they were waiting to get in to see our journeys. Our show ended with more rave reviews. The responses were mixed with connections to cancer, wanting to make sure that they check up on their health, happy to see the different journeys explored, and so much more.

(Bianca Golden)

(The Reception)

The best news of all is that although we had our 3 night run, The Day That Changed My Life is not over. The journey has just begun, stay tuned..........



  1. Oh my God this was a great play. You need to have extended runs. I love reading the blog I will miss it.

  2. Thank You Hanako! We are beside ourselves hearing responses such as yours - it means we are fulfilling our assignment. We look forward to your continued support and enthusiasm.

  3. I loved the play. It wasn't what I expected... It made me think, It made me feel. It pulled me into it and held me tight. It educated without being preachy. Very Uplifting I felt a tear form, overall it was a great experience. I went to see the play for various reasons the strongest of my reasons was being a cigarette smoker for so many years I am at risk.

  4. Well Donnie, words cannot express how much this means to us. We are overjoyed to hear comments like yours as it confirms our mission and vision. We are committed to bringing awareness to this journey on the forefront - the stage. Thank You for sharing with us.

  5. The play must go on. We wish we had the magazine sooner, it has a lot of information, everything was great the gift bag had healthy choices and delicious snacks.