Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy About Business and More..

There is always something to do and just when it's done, something else is added to the Must Be Done Today -- list. Can I tell you? There is never a dull moment on this journey to the stage. There have been so many changes and adjustments that we have made along the way -- but our determination to succeed has kept us moving along without missing a beat.

We've been very busy with getting things done and having all the wrinkles ironed out. While we highlight the active process of the cast working on their characters, we have so many other things going on. Before we begin, let's have a refreshing drink.

One of the great things about our cast is that they are also actively working on other projects. Suzy Kimball was outstanding in her role as Alicia Santiago in Mobius a play in The New York International Fringe Festival. We were so thrilled to see her perform and like other cast members who also came out to see her performance, we were moved.

Ashley and Tara were all smiles after seeing Suzy's performance in the first act.

Albert and Dawn are so proud of Suzy. We can't wait for you to see her in The Day That Changed My Life along with our other awesome cast members.

Dawn, Suzy, Ashley and Evgeniya

There you have it, we are out and about - cheering on our cast. We want to Thank You all for your comments, sharing our blog, your emails and for following us. Feel free to invite your family, friends and social network buddies to follow us on our journey to the stage. Now as for us, it's back to the business of our upcoming production. By the way, tickets will be available shortly and we do mean shortly :-) It's time for a refill................


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summertime - Halfway There............

New York City is beautiful all year round but there is something about the summer and the city that I love. The street fairs, the vendors, the park events,performers and personalities - always something. It was a beautiful day in the city and the journey to the stage continues. The fun part is watching the cast members as they arrive. Some members live within walking distance, there's a bike rider, some take a quick ride on the subway, even catch a taxi, others have quit a long commute - but they get there. It's not just about the getting the rehearsal in although that is very important, but it is also about the energy that they bring. Smiling faces, greetings, laughter,brief mingling and then it's all about the business of getting to work.
Guess what? I have some hints of what's to come below -- go on read :-)

We used every space of the theater and we had a fun time working on scenes. This scene will move you in more ways than one.

Here we have a scene which will be sure to give you an eye opening experience.

Suzy and Emiko are working on their scene - you're going to love them :-)

Ashley working with the cast on stage.

Have you heard the saying catch them while they're doing good? Here'e a good look, she's practicing her lines while waiting for her turn.

After it was all over, Albert seems pleased. It was yet another productive rehearsal.

We want to Thank You for following, sharing the blog and posting your comments - it keeps us inspired and motivated. Until the next post, we encourage you to invite your family, friends and social network buddies to join us along our journey to the stage. Good news for those who have inquired, the tickets will be available for purchase soon.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice...

Let's begin with the new changes of our blog and our website. Behind the scenes, The Team is working to give you all that we can to keep you in the full scope of our journey to the stage. Therefore a website is being created to highlight the important things. We want you to meet The Cast and get to know more of the Who's Who in our production. We want to also share the importance of being aware and involved in making a difference in the fight against cancer which includes being screened and taking the proper preventive measures. In addition to the website, we wanted to make sure that you were still in touch with the blog. The blog is now linked to our website and for those of you who have followed us, you may notice that the number of shares have changed. Once the blog was merged into the website, the numbers of Face Book shares disappeared. We were thrilled to see that so many people were sharing our blog on Face Book, we had over 600 shares (how cool is that?!!!)not to mention those on Twitter. Oh well, we have to start from this point but we are confident that there will be even more shares than ever as we get closer and closer to opening night :-).

By the way, there is a buzz about the journey to the stage and people are taking notice. We can't wait to tell you more on who else is checking us out. Meanwhile back to the stage, the cast is focused and honing in on their craft.

You must be dying to know what's going on here? All I can say, it's going to be great.

Our playwright is just the best. She works closely with the cast - love her.

The time flies when you have a lot to do but thank goodness we did not do it without the coffee, juice and such............

Keep on sharing - tell everyone to tell their everyone about our journey to the stage.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Location, Places, Smiles, Pose.........

What a week!!!!!!!!! We've moved to a new rehearsal space.

It's Photo Day! We're all excited, running late, heavy traffic, parking, running/walking hurriedly to the theater. Cast members are already waiting while some are running late, stuck in traffic, bus and trains running on their regular horrible weekend schedule which messes everyone up. Photographer running late.... What can we say, it was just one of those days.

Moving right along, we enter and we were very pleased. The theater space is perfect to accommodate the entire cast all in one room.

We dropped our boxes, folders and binders and began to get everyone ready for the shoot.

While waiting for other cast members and the photographer to arrive, we talked a bit then a scene was called to the stage.

I noticed a look on the faces of the cast and I realized they were wondering where were the goodies - no water, no juice, no muffins or donuts. Yes indeed, we came without a thing to eat or drink. I rushed out to the nearest store and came back with the good stuff (water and fruit juices). Thankfully, at that point all was right with the world, at least for the moment.

Photographer arrives.........

Places, places everyone.

It's not as easy as you would think - placement is quite tricky


It's hot on the set, as time went on, the lights were really hot and some poses were rather uncomfortable, but the troopers that they are endured for the good of the shoot-- on with the happy faces.

Trying to get the best shot.


Now pose.......... The Team

It's a wrap folks, my hair has collapsed -- clearly it's time to go.

Don't forget to Save the Date ;-)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving Right Along....

Did I mention that we have an incredible cast? I know, I know, I'm quite certain that I have and you will have a chance to see for yourself soon. In the meantime, they are actively preparing to share the journey with you. The journey of those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Oh by the way, a big 'Thank You' to all for your interest. We are so happy that you are sharing the journey to the stage on Face Book, Twitter, through your personal email, etc. We love the comments (keep them coming), we have received emails with interest in purchasing tickets and even those from out of state (giggles), so to give you all a heads up - stay on the alert you will want to get your tickets as soon as they are available. Why not sign up and follow us?

And now back to our update on the journey to the stage....

It's rehearsal time and as always the cast comes in ready to work. But first, we lay it out on the table (juice, water and muffins)then discussed the goals of the day and how we will run the rehearsal.

Laughter makes for a fun time. We really enjoy our time together. This should translate wonderfully on the stage.

Having one on one time with each member is so important.

we take the time to encourage our cast to share about their other projects which gives us a chance to support and see their performances.

This rehearsal we worked in separate rooms to focus on the scenes and work within groups - worked out very well.

The smile of our little star :-)

Aha! Taking notes to perfect and improve on the character's journey.

A moment away from the other cast members - the monologue room

A time to pause and think more about Collette's journey

By now you must be quite anxious to see the play and we do understand :-)

The Cast is perfecting it just for you

It's that time to wrap up and the cast assembles together. We discuss upcoming rehearsals and other administrative matters. Needless to say, we are delighted with the commitment of the cast, it shows in the progress of their performance.

That's it for now! Until the next post, adios, au revoir and goodbye!`

And by all means, please continue to share!