Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summertime - Halfway There............

New York City is beautiful all year round but there is something about the summer and the city that I love. The street fairs, the vendors, the park events,performers and personalities - always something. It was a beautiful day in the city and the journey to the stage continues. The fun part is watching the cast members as they arrive. Some members live within walking distance, there's a bike rider, some take a quick ride on the subway, even catch a taxi, others have quit a long commute - but they get there. It's not just about the getting the rehearsal in although that is very important, but it is also about the energy that they bring. Smiling faces, greetings, laughter,brief mingling and then it's all about the business of getting to work.
Guess what? I have some hints of what's to come below -- go on read :-)

We used every space of the theater and we had a fun time working on scenes. This scene will move you in more ways than one.

Here we have a scene which will be sure to give you an eye opening experience.

Suzy and Emiko are working on their scene - you're going to love them :-)

Ashley working with the cast on stage.

Have you heard the saying catch them while they're doing good? Here'e a good look, she's practicing her lines while waiting for her turn.

After it was all over, Albert seems pleased. It was yet another productive rehearsal.

We want to Thank You for following, sharing the blog and posting your comments - it keeps us inspired and motivated. Until the next post, we encourage you to invite your family, friends and social network buddies to join us along our journey to the stage. Good news for those who have inquired, the tickets will be available for purchase soon.


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