Monday, May 21, 2012

The Day That Changed My Life - Farewell Donna Summer & Robin Gibb

This week was quite a week for the music world. We have lost two musical icons of the 70's Disco Era. The Disco era was an upbeat, fun, dancing era where the music is still popular to this day with samples being used by the number one musical entertainers. Both Donna Summer and Robin Gibb journeys included the fight of multiple cancers.

Donna Summer famous for her songs Bad Girl, Enough is Enough, Hot Stuff, On the Radio, Love to Love you Baby, I Feel Love, Dim All The Lights and many more. Miss Summer a breast cancer survivor lost her battle with lung cancer on May 17, 2012.

Keeping true to the era Donna Summer gives a fabulous fun rendition of Dim All The Lights

As a big fan of the BeeGees, it was tough hearing the sad news. The Gibb family deals with another loss of the Brothers Gibb. The BeeGees were a major part of the disco era, they had a distinctive sound that was embraced by all (if you are honest enough to admit it :-) We loved the BeeGees with their harmonious falseto hits. Robin Gibb passed away from colon and liver cancer. While news of his health seemed grim, Robin made a brief comeback from a coma to the delight of his family and fans.

While each journey is unique we all share a common theme, cancer changes our lives forever.

A special performance Robin Gibb performs How Deep Is Your Love

A bonus BeeGees - Too Much Heaven. We pray that they are all having a beautiful reunion in heaven :-)

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Day That Changed My Life - A Personal But Important Matter

Wanda Sykes shares her journey with breast cancer. The shocking diagnosis, the importance of knowing one's family health history and creating an awareness. However, it was all a blessing in disguise as it was discovered when she went in for a breast reduction.

While each journey is unique, we all share a common theme - cancer changes our lives forever.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Day That Changed My Life - We Did It!! Revlon Run Walk 2012

What an incredible weekend!! The Day That Changed My Life Team participated in the Revlon Run Walk 2012 in support of womens cancers. It was quite a moving experience. As our team gathered, we created our own posters in support of, in memory of and in survivor mode :-) What a team!!!

The crowd was filled with enthusiastic energy, thousands gathered at the center of Times Square and the special celebrity guests Jimmy Fallon, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde and the Three Tenors were all fabulous. The Tenors sang Hallelujah - wow!! It was heavenly. However, the stars of the event were the people who came out to run/walk. It was also moving to read the personal posters on the backs of those who were survivors or recently out of treatment.

We sang, danced and hollered throughout the event. We did it for all women.

While each journey is unique we all share a common theme - cancer changes our lives forever.

In memory of Sonia Santos Kirnon

In memory of Rosa Cruz Molina

In honor of ALL WOMEN!!

In honor and memory of a fabulous lady - Tecla Yvonne Brown

Elvia walks in memory of her Mom - Almaria Hendrickson

Ally walks in memory of her best friend's mom - Stella Nkiru Okanome

16 Days Post Operation - 16 Days Cancer Free!!

She's a survivor!!!

What a fabulous team! We will be back next year with all the frills :-)