Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Next?!!!

Although the journey to the stage has ended -- for now, we are still working and fine tuning for the next run. We must say Thank You to all of our sponsors with their generosity, we were able to give a gift bag each night to everyone who attended the journey.

We have received your emails, your tweets, your inquiries and we are thrilled to no end. We understand that the journey has touched many. Surprisingly, we have followers who have not officially signed up with a profile but they have followed us and mentioned it to us at the theater, while some sent messages and expressed their interest in knowing what's next.

What's great is that we have created a page on FaceBook. Come on over and join us there while we keep you updated on the happenings and we can have a different forum to interact ;-)

We've had quite an experience and we're working on it

The journey will continue............


1 comment:

  1. I saw the play and it was amazing I am happy that you are bringing it back, it must go on. My family just lost our matriarch to cancer, She put on a brave face to the end. The timing of the play was perfect even though we cried it was because it had a powerful impact.