Saturday, November 20, 2010

And It Feels So Good........

Yes, we're still working on our journey. Today we had the filming for the documentary of The Day That Changed My Life. It was a reunion of sorts seeing members of our cast who came in to share their perspective of the whole experience.

Every cast member has had a connection of knowing someone with cancer. This made quite a profound difference in the interpretation of each character.

Sharing a moment

Matters of the heart

Taking an important phone call

Getting miked up

Waiting patiently.....

The Director shows signs that he's pleased with the days work

We had such a fun, productive day. Stay tuned...........



  1. Awesome, you're filming for a documentary? When will it be available?

  2. This is really cool. I checked last week but I did not see a new post. I really look forward to the updates, you guys rock!

  3. You should make a movie, the play is great!!

  4. I heard about the play and I am sorry I missed it. I started reading the blog posts over the weekend from beginning to this point. I hope you do it in New York or better yet in New Jersey soon.

  5. Man that was an awesome commercial capturing the essence of your message. I look forward to this going from off broadway to on broadway very soon.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. They serve as the fuel that drives us to continue to move forward with the journey. Our journey includes documenting the journey to the stage as well as those whose lives have been touched by cancer. We will also continue to bring the journey to the stage while working on other projects. All in an effort to keep cancer awareness on the forefront. We will keep you posted here. Come on and join us on Facebook, invite your family and friends. Remember the journey has just begun :-)