Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's On & Happening!!

With all the fan fare about the journey coming to the stage, you just might be wondering how did it go? And if I missed it I would want to know for myself.

So here's the scoop, it came off magnificently! The Day That Changed My Life took its place on the stage at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center and held the firm position with confidence - delivering an outstanding performance. And.... we're not tooting our own horn, the journey received rave reviews by the audience. Some briefly shared their own cancer journey. There was laughter, tears and cheers!

Of course we want to say Thank You to our wonderful audiences for coming out and cheering on The Cast. They are simply the best!

Here's a look behind the scenes and a sneak peek of the journey on stage:

Make Up with Ashlee K

The journey (just a quick peek)

Some audience members during intermission

Zelda Pushkin (Sherrie)

Don't worry, there's still another performance coming up on Friday October 22. You can purchase your tickets. Come join us and take your seat :-)



  1. A must see for a great cause!
    - I flew in from Atlanta to support The Day That Changed My Life, and I have to admit that this was well worth the trip! The play was both informative and emotionally touching. Dr. Aldrich related to all ages and played to the survivor, the families, and the person who may be currently in recovery. At the end of the day, Dr. Aldrich created the perfect marriage between her expertise and her passion that resulted in a wonderfully executed production! And with perfect timing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

  2. On behalf of The Team, we want to Thank You for your support. It means so much to us that you came, enjoyed and shared your feed back with everyone. Who knows we may very well come to your city sometime soon :-)

  3. We saw it and it was awesome! My aunt couldn't make it but we will try to see it tomorrow with her, it's worth seeing again.