Friday, October 1, 2010

It's On -- The Count Down

October is here and there is no doubt that we are filled with anxious energy fully aware and anticipating that there will be a few challenges ahead. However, as always, we will make it happen!

We have a few announcements to make (drum roll please......................)

The journey to the stage begins in 14 days from the post date - did you get your tickets?

There are new updates of The Cast and you can read all about them there.

We also have an events page on FaceBook where you can invite your family and friends.

Rehearsal was great. We had our moments of serious consideration, laughter and tears. Some members of The Cast and The Team were also interviewed for an upcoming magazine article. We know that this journey will continue. This is just the beginning.

We cannot complete this post without saying Thank You! to everyone who is supporting our ambitious efforts to take a different path in keeping the awareness going. We know that there are people traveling from different states to see our play; we have heard from the families who have been affected by cancer; we know that there are survivors who are coming; we know of the support groups who are planning to attend and we are humbled.

We have you in mind and that's why we are working every minute of our days thinking of ways to improve and make this journey a journey to remember. Please, please, please do not wait another minute to get your tickets you do not want to miss this!


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