Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Search of the Cast - Audition Day

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Our first casting call placed on the Internet - Craigslist and Backpage began with a flood of submissions. The casting director advised me to also place an ad in the Back Stage paper but due to the responses we were receiving, I felt that it was not necessary. However, the turnout on audition day was not as impressive. The Team being a fab. force, kept a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

It was Saturday morning, May 22nd and there we were setting up and preparing for the big rush of actors/actresses who are eager and excited to have a chance to be a part of The Day That Changed My Life's cast.

We all worked really hard, looked forward to meeting the actors, and we were pleased to have had the first experience of our first audition. Yes, it was very exciting but we were only able to fill to cast members and we had many more roles to fill.

Without missing a beat, we planned for the next audition. This time I listened and followed the suggestion that was given by the casting director who said "Place an ad in the Back Stage - print and online."

The ad was placed through BackStage for print and online June 1st. On the evening of June 7th, the ads were published online with the print ad to follow on Thursday the 10th. That night of the 7th, submissions were coming in with impressive numbers and in no time we had pages filling up with new pages added to accommodate the increasing number of entries. Needless to say, we were over the roof with excitement.

The Team remained focus -- we knew what happened the last time. Will the next audition be a success?!!


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