Saturday, July 10, 2010

The First Rehearsal!

Today is our first rehearsal, the day we meet the cast, we're all excited! I'm up and out at 8:00 am the rehearsal begins at 10 am. I was right on schedule. However, this would be the day that all things transportation will be a huge mess. Don't you hate when you are well on your way to an important meeting, leaving on time with time to spare only to be caught in a slow moving traffic - now you are left wondering if you would make it on time. After all, I still had to stop and get the box of coffee and donuts. We're going to be there from 10am - 1:00pm.

I arrived to the city with 5 minutes before start time. Somehow, I thought I could run in and out and make it back just in time. I race over to Dunkin Donuts and the line was unbelievably long, curving in the tiny space which is meant to get your coffee and get going. I called The Team and told them I was stuck on the long coffee line. I was determined to get the coffee and donuts. What actor wouldn't enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut while perusing through their script?

Finally, I was able to get the goodies and I raced to the Rehearsal Studio. Luckily, they were occupied with their scripts. Each cast member received a gift with their script (Thanks Ashley!)

I placed the coffee and donuts on the table and it was on.

Albert introduced The Team. Ashley began with an icebreaker which was fun. We learned a few fun facts bout each other. Some of us had our teary moments while we spoke of our connection to cancer. Thankfully, we have a diverse cast with members from different states of the country, Canada and Japan (a true reflection as cancer affects us all). After all of the welcomes, thank yous and general guidelines, it was time to get to the script.

The film crew was ready. As the cast members read their parts,I cannot describe the feeling that came over me knowing that this journey just made another step on it's way to the stage.

We made it through the script and the cast gave an applause (wow!! thanks!! ). We we will meet again in two weeks for our next rehearsal and we are looking forward to seeing them.

Here's to The Cast of The Day That Changed My Life!

A few members of The Team



  1. Wow! This is the sign of success even the coffee part :-) maybe you should add a "gopher" to your team for task like that, just a suggestioin. Anyway good stuff I look forward to the next blog!

    Minister Donald Braithwaite

  2. This is unique, I want to learn more about it. I enjoy your posts. Best of luck.