Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Week In Review

The Team wants to make sure that we say Thank You! We are busy promoting, promoting and promoting and we see that others are too. How can you beat that?!!!We are very happy that you are excited along with us and that you are spreading the word that the tickets are available.

With all that we have on our list of things to do, we make sure that we venture out to see what our cast members are doing, can you say - we're so proud of them. Our cast is filled with talented triple threats and we love it. Tara sang this week at the Ace of Clubs this past Wednesday. What a treat it was for us to enjoy an evening of good music and dancing in the city.

Tara sang her heart out to a very happy audience.

Forget the triple threat, actress, dancer, singer and musician ;-)

Hollywood!Hollywood! Wow!!!! Rebecca gave an outstanding performance in this lively musical. She sang, danced and was as sassy as can be - she was amazing.

So enough of our gallivanting to the other performances especially when we have an upcoming journey to share with you. The days to the performances are rapidly approaching and everyone's preparing just for you.

What a busy week we've had but we're focused. We are still receiving emails from those who are touched by our upcoming journey and they are sharing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. We invite everyone we meet to our show and surprisingly, we have heard stories from strangers on the street who have also shared their own personal connections with cancer - this is a show you don't want to miss. Tell your family, friends, co workers and your online social network buddies. By the way, did you get your tickets? You would feel really left out if you don't do it soon.

Until next post..........we're getting it right just for you.


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