Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor of Labor Day Weekend!

Our cast was off this weekend with the option to come in and work on their roles and they did. We want them to enjoy their time off but of course, it's also about delivering you the best journey ever.

The Team on the other hand was on duty - full time. We really enjoy what we do as this journey is a labor of love that means so much to us. We are busy behind the curtain getting things in place with our stage manager and other cast members who are eager to get to show you their work of art.

As I mentioned in our last blog, the tickets will be coming soon. Many inquiries have come in and we are pleased to announce that our tickets will be available for purchase on line this week. So tell your family, friends and everyone else all about it. With the interest we have received, we want you to be on board to get your ticket before it's sold out ;-)

With flowers in hand, we Thank You all for your kind comments, your shares on Face Book and Twitter, your stories and your interest in every way - we appreciate you!


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