Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Day That Changed My Life - What Can I Eat?

When one has survived cancer, there is a temporary sigh of relief. However, the journey continues as the goal is to return to a normal life, at least as normal as possible. There are concerns that lingers, the fear of reoccurrence or a new cancer showing up at some point. In the meantime, getting on with living begins with some changes in the way we care for our bodies. Nutrition is key.

This week we feature nutritional advice from an Oncology Nutrition Dietary Specialist. Karen Sabbath of The Harold Leever Cancer Center shares some nutritional advice for cancer survivors. Each video has some key information that is necessary to maintain a healthy and well balanced life whether dining in or while you are out. Please share with everyone you know. Someone may know someone who needs to hear this :-)

While each journey is unique, we all share a common theme - cancer changes our lives forever.

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