Monday, July 11, 2011

The Day That Changed My Life - The Survivors Real Journey to Survive

Winning Survivor Africa was just a part of the journey. Ethan Zohn had no idea that he would have to focus on surviving a rare form of Hodgkins Lymphoma CD20 positive. His journey begins with letting go of his signature look, the look that he's most famously recognized with - the full head of curly hair. This journey is quite graphic as you see the real rough patches, the treatment/therapies, the financial aspect, the scars and all.

While each journey is unique, we all share a common theme, cancer changes our lives forever.

The transformation begins....

Hair it goes.......

The Daily Regimen

Sleepless Nights

The Reality Treatment

Can this be me?

Bills, bills, bills.....

Back to Life :-)


  1. I am a fan of Survivor and I love Ethan. Thanks for sharing his journey it's really an emotional experience watching him go through this.

  2. This is so touching and that he would share his story with everyone is amazing. It made me cry but I am also happy that he made it.

  3. I remember Ethan from Survivor but I had no idea he had cancer. Thank you guys for sharing his story, The Team rocks :)